Come out and  "PLAY PICASSO" for the day!

Pottery Parties - "An ART-ful" Experience!
∑ Creative Easy ní fun!
∑ Keepsakes that last!
∑ Glaze-Fired Pottery!

WE do ALL the work - YOU have ALL the fun!

Looking for a great spot to host that special party?

Then let's discuss your requirements for a unique:

∑ Bridal Shower
∑ Baby Shower
∑ Retirement Party
∑ Birthday Party
∑ Wedding Shower
∑ Office Party
∑ Charity Event
∑ Club Socials
∑ Anniversary
∑ Holiday Party
∑ Friends' Night Out
∑ Family Reunion
∑ Corporate Event
∑ Happy Hour

It's an "ART-ful experience" even if you're artistically challenged! Adults, teens, and children of all ages are welcome.

No experience needed. Simply select a piece of pottery, choose a design, and paint. Our studio provide everything including stamps, stencils, sponges, idea books, a little coaching -- and a lot of encouragement! So if you're having a party, drop in anytime to discuss this FUN experience.

Our party packages vary somewhat, but include all the great elements you will need to give your child a super time -- "A Creative Painting Experience" -- Plus celebration time with you and their friends!

IN GENERAL: You choose a piece ahead of time. The "Bisque-paints", sponges, stamps, stencils, brushes and all accessory items are available for young artists to create their own unique masterpieces.

STAFF: Jaque will be available to handle all of your needs (including stress relief for you) and most important CLEAN UP!

TIME: One and a half hours of partying in our party room.

GLAZING AND FIRING: Relax, we'll do this part for you! Your pieces will usually be ready for pickup (or shipping) within 48-72 hours of the party.

PARTY PARAPHERNALIA: We can make available Invitations, Balloons, Cake, Drinks etc. We can even provide a "special gift" for the guest of honor --  A unique Ceramic Signature Plate!  
The Birthday Cake, Snacks, Drinks, and additional items are available upon request. (Obviously at additional expense.) Or, these items can be provided by you to save a little money -- or possibly make the event themed or unique. Inquire about all  the possibilities.

INVITATION: A "Paint Your ART-out" Party Invitation is a unique addition to your party.  
We will even mail these out for you!