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Ceramic Creations by...JAQUE is pleased to announce that we will be conducting our popular, well respected, product & technique classes in 2006. All Sesions will be taught by Frank Kahanic, former Vice President of Ceramichrome and Coloramics (Mayco) --with over 35 years of experience in the hobby ceramic field!

· ALL NEW techniques!
· See why “Dimensional” painting is so popular and unique!
· Emphasis on "quality" workmanship and up-dated professional designs!
· Learn about ceramic products as well as brush-techniques, design theroy, color theroy and firing techniques!  Ceramic Creations by JAQUE Inc. is an Authorized Duncan Ambassador location. Frank Kahanic is the local Duncan Ambassador for Kentucky!
· NEW innovative ideas and exciting patterns that have never been taughtbefore!
· Earn a Certificate of Accomplishment for each session!

People attend these classes because of Frank's relaxed and informative "teaching style" -- not to mention the camaraderie & fun we have!

Participants will acquire an extensive knowledge of ceramics and will improve their painting skills. (Plus, our pot-luck lunches are wonderful!) You are sure to turn out pieces worthy of giving to family and friends with pride.

The 2006 seminar series will have a special emphasis on completing “less pieces,” and more focus  on “unusual" new techniques,  that ALL have a "Professional & Artistic" flair.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you cannot attend our seminar(s) and would like to purchase the Colored Photo, Pattern(s), and Step-by-Step (profesionally written) instructions (along with a detailed product supply list) for ea. shown here, please click on the left link "General Information"  (then scroll down to "Contact Us") for more information. Each individual seminar session can be sent via "snail mail" or E-mailed in MS Word format. ALL pattern packs cost $15.00 each and includes postage in the continental USA.

Generally most seminars cost $38.00. CONTACT JAQUE TODAY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!


This technique features the fun and easy to use EZ Strokes, and Concepts - the popular "BISQUE GLAZES" by Duncan Enterprises! The "care-free" outlining is done with a tip-end to a mechanical pencil and a squeeze bottle
By... Frank Kahanic

 We will be using the large 15" dish.

Frank Kahanic Day Lillys at Ceramic Creations by Jaque Danville Kentucky
Delightful Day Lillies
Frank Kahanic Designs available at  Ceramic Creation by Jaque Danville KY
Georgeous Green Grapes n' Purple Plumbs

A stunning piece you can use pool-side or with guests on the patio during the summer. The muted "green n' purple" tones are absolutely elegant. The "spatters" give the piece a completed look. You will learn about blending AND brushstrokes. The pattern itself is stunning!
The June seminar project has NOT yet been finalized. There is a good possibility it could be one of these stunning projects. Everybody loves Christmas projects. They make great classes for you to teach yourself, or for extra special gifts.

We will let you know soon so bookmark this page and check back often....
Ceramic and Pottery Painting seminars by Frank Kahanic Danville Kentucky
Remaining 2006 Seminars to be announced!